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We have an HP-UX machine with a tape drive and a Sun Solaris machine without one.  We would like to access the tape drive from the Solaris machine as if it is part of shared file system (e.g. as if it is just a directory).

Previously, we extract from the tape and placed it on a temporary directory then we telnet or ftp from the HP to get the actual data.  This is getting too cumbersome and inefficient.

We know this is possible but we're just stepping up our UNIX experience.


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Pls let me know which command you are using for backup and restore
There is no way to directly make the tape drive on an HP-UX system work like it's attached to a remote Solaris system.

However, that doesn't mean you can't access the drive from the Solaris system.  This kind of access is typically done using 'rsh' (aka remsh on the HP's) based connections like this:
  some-command | rsh tape-machine dd of=/dev/rmt0m
  rsh tape-machine dd if=/dev/rmt0m | some-command

Another option if you're concerned about the security of 'rsh' is Secure Shell (www.ssh.org).

That said, many backups systems also know how to do this kind of stuff themselves.  The standard 'dump' command has a remote variant called 'rdump', and most commercial backups systems allow a central backups-master to backup many systems.

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ealvaAuthor Commented:
It worked! Your solution is just what we had in mind. Thanks.
You're welcome.
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