Find my network card??

I am have a problum configering my network card I am not sure where to begin I never setup the card during the instalation of linux. Know I am not quite sure how to do it??

Please Help me
Fairly new Linux user!
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allymConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your card supported, or does it emulate a supported card (NE2000, say)?  If not, then buy one that is.  

It's difficult to tell you what to do as you are so unspecific.   Which Linux?  Which card.  

However, for me, I had to install an Accton 1660 to my machine running RedHat 6.0

firstly, I made sure that the card was ne2000 compatible.  
I logged on as root and typed
"insmod ne io=0x300 irq=5"
this attempts to load the NE?000 card driver.  

Im my case, it failed, because it needed the 8390 driver, so I loaded that
"insmod 8390"
then tried again
"insmod ne io=0x300 irq=5"

And I got some mesage that it had located the card.  

Then, I reboted, and used linuxconf, where I told the system taht eth0 was, had ip address or whatever, was an ne card, and was at 0x300 using irq5.  Another reboot, I typed
and it listed both the lo (local) interface and eth0 (the new network card) interface.  You might have to type
"ifconfig eth0 up" to get the interface started, but I hope not.

For me, it was important to let linuxconf do all the work in actually configuring the OS.  I had tried editing etc/conf.modules myself, but that wasn't wholly succesful.    But it's worth using insmod to make sure that you've got your card setting s correct.  

As I say, unless you give enough info, I can't help you with specifics.  The above gives you a few commands to look at (linuxconf, insmod, ifconfig).  If you still can't sort out your card, reject this answer, give some more information, and someone else will have a go.  
JPM1973Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
JPM1973Author Commented:
sorry I  am new to all this I am running linuxmandrake 6.0
and it is a Compaq 10/100 TXPCIUTP card
How do I find This Card

What do you know about the card?  Is is  compatible with something common like an ne2000?

I went to the compaq web site and searched for  "TXPCIUT", but nothing was found.  So there's not much more I can do to help you :-(

It could be that there is no driver for your card, which would be a shame.  In that case, you will have to buy one that is complient.  

FYI, my Compaq card installs as a 3c509, but this is a VERY old machine!

JPM1973Author Commented:
The card also says that it is a Netelligent Controller
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