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Harddrive Data Transfer

    Yes, I am interested in transferring data from a 4.3 gig harddrive to a 10 gig harddrive.
I have a program called Ghost 5.01 which is suppose to be able to do this procedure.  However, I am not sure exactly what the necessary steps are.  I have been told changes in BIOS will also be necessary before using Ghost 5.01

     Anyway, any information regarding the step-by-step procedures for using Ghost 5.01 to transfer data will greatly be appreciated in addition to any special hookups and BIOS changes.

1 Solution
If you had a legal copy of Ghost, you should also have it's instructions.  Why don't you read them?  If it's not a legal copy, then I'd encourage you to purchase a copy.

Who told you changes in the BIOS were needed before using it?  If this person is so knowlegable, why don't you get detailed instructions from them?  

Actually, I'd suggest you purchase a copy of DriveImage instead as I think it works better than Ghost for your purpose.
If you have both disks attached to the same machine, a vanilla XCOPY command will do the job. Boot the machine in DOS [*] , and do:

    XCOPY/E/H/K   C:\   D:\

(provided that disk C: is the source and disk D: is the destination; change letters if necessary). Add /Y switch if D: already has some files and you do want to overwrite them (or /-Y if you do NOT).

[*] Boot directly in DOS mode; if executed in a DOS-window, opened from Windoze, generates problems with files in use.
Viking's got it, and that's the easiest way
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Viking's got it, and that's the easiest way
If your want to transfer data (not OS), only plug the 10GB HDD as Secondary HDD and copy files from 4 -> 10.
Or use WinRAR or WinZip, packed them all and copy to 10GB HDD then extract them
Buy a copy of "Partition Magic"
(http://WWW.PowerQuest.Com) and use it.
It will copy an entire partition,
one at a time.
It will "resize" a partition,
since you have a larger target-drive.

Be sure to not purchase a "previously-owned" copy of Version 3 of the software -- it does not support larger-than-8GB hard-drives.
>>packed them all and copy to 10GB HDD then extract them

If you have both disks on the same machine, it's faster to transfer files directly, rather than compressing them first and decompressing them after being copied.

Anyway, that's a viable option too.


In order to ghost your drives, you will have to install both drives into your machine.

Your 4.3 is probably primary master, and put the 10 gig on the secondary channel if possible (either as master or slave) or on the primary channel (as slave) if you have no other choice - this will simply decrease the length of time for your clone.

In doing that, set the channels that you hard drives are on to "auto detect" in your computers BIOS under genral setup. Also, set their modes to "auto" as well - (the part that lets you choose LBA, CHS, etc.)

If your computer doesn't support this option, you will more then likely have to flash (upgrade) your BIOS.

Once both HDD's are installed, insert ghost's 3.5" floppy into your drive, and turn on your PC.

After ghost boots up, you'll be doing a local partition to partiton copy.  Be sure that your destination drive is the 10000 MB one. Ghost should ask you to enter the new size of your drive, and you'll enter the max available to you... usually around 10000 megs.

Hit enter, and watch it copy.

After it is completed, you can turn off your pc, put the 10 gig drive where the 4.3 was (be sure to set your jumpers correctly) and do what you want with the 4.3.  Most people will choose to put it as a slave and store their MP3's or what-have-you on it.

Enjoy your new drive, and I hope I've helped.

GMartinAuthor Commented:
    I will give this a try.  Your response most closely matches what I have in mine to do.

     Thanks again.


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