Error's in our /var/log/messages file

We recently started receiving named errors in our logs. Can soneone tell us what the problem might be and how to fix it or if there is nothing to worry about that these are normal. We just have not seen them before. There are a lot of them.

The errors are:

named[77] recvfrom: No route to host
named[77] accept: Connection reset by peer

Thanks in advance.
Bob Ross

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named is the Internet domain name server. In general you don't need it. What did you change before the error occured. Pls post your /etc/named.boot
bross073097Author Commented:
Yes we need it. We haven't added anything for a few weeks. We just started noticing the errors, so we are not sure when they atarted. All the domains work.

Bob Ross

; named boot file
; The first part of this file is maintained by configdns.  If you
; to make additions, add them after the `DO NOT DELETE' line below
; they will be retained across configdns changes.
;type           domain                  source file or host
directory       /etc/namedb
cache           .                               root.cache
primary                     kingman.db
primary         reverse.db
primary        reverse2.db
primary            localhost.rev
primary                mohave.db
primary                        negz.db
primary                       tacos.db
primary                     kingnet.db
primary                 venturawest.db
primary                  nasacom.db
primary                       sywss.db
primary                     10acres.db
primary                  route66web.db
primary                     dunton1.db
primary               desertvarmits.db
primary                  ourhdtrike.db
primary                  surftheusa-com.db
primary                    aero-cam.db
primary                 wizardesign.db
primary                    fortrock.db
primary                     c-aclub.db
primary                    funtruck.db
; DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE -- place local changes below here

please post your /etc/namedb file setup

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i guess, this is very unlikely a configuration problem deriving from your local config. most probably your handling data/getting requests, where there is a problem with the secondary nameserver or the like.

you could upgrade to a newer version of bind (the latest is 8.2.2 to be found at

these newer versions allow you to set up more complex debugging situations. this surely will help in cases like this one.
bross073097Author Commented:
I tried to upgrade but it had a few fits so we pulled it back out. we will be upgrading soon to a newer server once all the settings are finished. We were just a bit concerned about the errors because we had not seen them before and didn't want to bring down the service.

Would you say it should be fine so we can sleep better?.

have a look at older versions of bind (like your 4.9.x) are quite vulnerable to attacks.

since i'm not realy paranoic, that's not the only thing why i suggest you an upgrade. i would suggest you to do so because it's faster than the older one and offers a whole bunch of possibilities to customize your logging. and that should be what you are realy looking for at the moment.

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I agree with gunny.  Just looking at the security issue, that should be enough to upgrade.  Regarding the errors, check your forwarders.  If they seem to be OK, yes, sleep at night.
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