Memory issues

I am using about 81% of 64mb of ram by just booting up and going into gnome. This can't be normal. What is shared memory(since this is what is taking up about 50% of my memory) and could this be some type of corruption between Windows 98 and Linux since I am duel booting? I don't see that much memory being used by any background process.  I am running RH 6.0  a Compaq laptop. TIA.
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laeuchliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
either there is no problem, or you have bad ram.
typical75Author Commented:
okay laeuchli, but what is shared memory and can I cut down the amount I am using? If you answer this, I will raise the points I give you to 70.
shared memory is memory shared between programs so that they can  communitcate. It is a form of IPC. As for cutting down on the ram, I don't think you need to, I have also lots of ram used when linux starts. I guess you could run a smaller window manager, and cut down on some of the deamons that you run on startup, but really I don't think you have a problem.
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