Large Harddisks

I have a 15Gbyte harddisk, will Linux recognise it entirely?
If not, please tell what solutions exist so i can still continue woking with such a disk.
Thank-you very much!!
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it depends... if it is a SCSI disk, it will be recognized without any problems; if ATAPI (ide), it depends on wether Your BIOS can handle this large a HDD or not.
if it is ide and YOur Bios refuses to recognize, you could try to add an entry to the append-statement in Your lilo.conf like this (excerpt from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ide.txt):

Drives are normally found by auto-probing and/or examining the CMOS/BIOS data.
For really weird situations, the apparent (fdisk) geometry can also be specified
on the kernel "command line" using LILO.  The format of such lines is:


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Almost definitely, yes.

When you install linux, I adivse you to create several partitions, one for /home, one for /usr, /usr/var etc.  There are a couple of on-line guides that it's worth reading - they'll explain why.  Then, when you upgrade, you can keep all your user data.  
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