sshd.conf User Restriction

Hi I'm using a SSH Daemon.
I want to configure (e.g. in the systemwide config file) my sshd
to allow user access only to certain named users - not groups not domains.
How can I do this ?
Didn' find any actual help, hints or examples of a suitable conf file on the web - maybe some expert can help ?.
I apreciate...mfuerlinger.
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I think the option you're looking for is "AllowUsers".  It's at least in SSH v1.2.26.

              This  keyword can be followed by any number of user
              name patterns or user@host patterns,  separated  by
              spaces. Host name may be either the dns name or the
              ip address. If specified, login is allowed only  as
              users  whose  name matches one of the patterns. ´*´
              and ´?´ can be used as wildcards in  the  patterns.
              By default, logins as all users are allowed.

              Note  that the all other login authentication steps
              must still be  sucessfully  completed.   AllowUsers
              and DenyUsers are additional restrictions.

-- Brian

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