Calling IE from an Outlook form

Hi, Is it possible to call a web page from an outlook form (98/2000) using vbscript/vba/com addin. I want to use some of the data on the form to call particular page at the press of a button?
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dario1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click on the menu bar.  Choose "Custom".  Click on the "Commands" tab and choose "Web".  Go to the "Command" options and choose "Web Browser" (last one).  Click on it and drag it to the menu bar.  Right click on your new button, rename it where it says "Name" then go down to the bottom of the list and "Assign Hyperlink", "Open", then type in the URL that you want.  Close the "Customize" menu.
mshireAuthor Commented:
The idea was to open an email and be able to click on a button that would link to a page that queries based on the sender's email address. So I need the button on the 'read email form', which links to a page based on the sender's email address.

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