Converting a modaless dialog into a modal dialog.

Is there any way to convert a madaless dialog (The dialog
Is already alive, visible and active) into a modal dialog?
I want to do it on run time .
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Vinayak KumbarConnect With a Mentor Sr Program ManagerCommented:

U may be using Create to create the modeless dialog box. Override that function to Ur dialog modeless class, and in that function Get the parent of it and disable it!!!. So the modeless dialog becomes modaled. Similarly override the destroying of it(may be in the destructor) enable its parent.

To disable

and to enable

Hope that helps.
Amazing... I just answered the same zona's Q in Windows programming topic area.

zona has 8/19 grading record and 7 currently locked questions!

It seems that he likes to ask questions, but he doesn't worry about experts who answer him!
Vinayak KumbarSr Program ManagerCommented:
It seems U expect more than what ever I have written.
Pls let me know it here so that I shall know what made the answer to get a D grade.

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