InstallShield for VC++ 6.0 and SeagateCrystal

I want to install the necessary dll´s from Seagate Crystal with the InstallShield, Version 6, Build 134. I added a folder "Gemeinsame Dateien" and added all the dll´s from the folder "C:\WINNT\CRYSTAL", with properties "self-registry" and "maybe locked".

Under the properties in the components - "Gemeinsame Dateien" I have the properties "Overwrite? NEWERVERSION/NEWERDATE", als folder "WINDIR/Crystal" and "Necessary files? CRITICAL".

Then I made the media and tested the installation by starting the SETUP.EXE. When copying the first dll, there comes the message "An error occurred during the move data process: -119
Component: Gemeinsame Dateien
File Group: Gemeinsame Dateien
File: C:\WINNT\CRYSTAL\X2f4xlde.dll"

Can you tell me how to install the necessary files, to get a VC++-Application with Crystal Reports running? Are all files in the C:\WINNT\CRYSTAL-Folder necessary to install?
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mjswartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To know which files to distribute them
Remember that there are more files than just the ones in the Crystal directory, I believe that there are also files in %windows%/system32 as well

You can do one of two things,
you can use the distribution expert and note which files are being distributed. The problem is it's specific to one report. So if you use this method on a standard report then the list of dlls wont include the one that's necessary to produce a graph in a report.


You can also look up Runtime File Requirements in the help files and figure it out exactly which ones are necessary for you.

To distribute them with InstallShield
for the crystal DLLs component, I have:
destination: <WINDIR>/Crystal
File Need? CRITICAL.

Your Error message
error -119 indicates that the file was unable to self-register properly. which is understandable because they're not self-registering dlls so in the dll file group for your crystal dlls.
In the property page set Self-Registered to no.

spetrowitschAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 75
spetrowitschAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that information, msjwart. But - do you also know, how to install the necessary Active-X-Control "Crystal Report Control" (crystl32.ocx), because until now when I want to open a dialog in my VC++-Projekt, which includes such a control, nothing happens.
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ask in another question
To elaborate:
Ask in another question because I don't know off the top of my head, maybe others could help.
spetrowitschAuthor Commented:
Thanks, mjswart - I did it with a "regsvr32 crystal.ocx"-call in the MS-DOS-Box.
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