Linux + Windows

I want to install a all version of Linux (RedHat 4.1) in my machine.
I have the folowing situation:

I have 2 disk set as master.
In the first disk(8 GB) I have 2 partitions(2Mb each one) .
In the first I install Windows NT, in the second Windows 98.
The rest of the disk(4 GB) is unused.
In the second master(1 GB) is all partitioned and I have my own files.

I try to install linux, but it doesn't have space to make the partition for linux native and also for the swap.
Why ?

I want to installed and also boot with NT and Win 98(if it's necessary I can format the second master disk).

Can anybody explain me what's the problem, and how should I correct it, so I can boot the 3 SO.

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What's the message displayed when you creating partitions?
You can try to make partitions under win95 or NT (without large drive support) then change partitions to Linux native and swap using fdisk in Linux setup.
But I think that it may be other problems that RH4.1 kernel is too old to support your hdd.. Better use RH6.1 or use your 1GB hdd instead. Hope this helps.
You MUST have a linux swap partition.  This can be no bigger than 128 MB (you can have several if you want).  

Do you mean RH 6.1 rather than 4.1, BTW.  If you;re using 4.1, get a later version.  
PampaAuthor Commented:
Ok I will try to install a new versión of RedHat.
Anyone can tell me where I can download Redhat 6.1 or 5.2 (Not from a FTP place please.....)???

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use RH6.1 its installation is virtually idiot proof...
do u have partition magic .... it does a neat job with the partition...
From your answer I would say the problem is that Linux MUST install the boot section in the first 1024 cylinders of either the first or second disk. If you have already used the first 4GB of the first disk for Windoze, you cannot put it there. If you have used the entire second disk for your files you cannot put it there either.

To create a /boot partition you will only need 16meg of space for it. I would recommend that you use a utility like Partition Magic to make space on you second disk for /boot. Remember, this MUST be the FIRST 16meg on that disk. Once you have freed up that space it should install fine.

I do recommend RH 6.1 over 4.1.

J Crouchet

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PampaAuthor Commented:
Suppose I should have only one disk and I install NT and Win98 in the first 4 GB.
What I should do in this case to install Linux?
Well, no matter what, that /boot partition MUST be in the first 1024 cylinders of the first or second disk.

I don't know if Partition Magic will allow you to move the NT & 98 partitions, but it might. Remember, you only need 16MB.

As Windows boots off the MBR, it might not care if it were moved back a bit to provide space for Linux. I have set up 1 disk systems with Linux & W95, but never 98 & NT together.

So, if my idea works you would need to run Partition Magic, move the NT & 98 partitions back to leave 16 mb of free space at the front of the disk and then install Linux.

I STRONGLY suggest you make a backup of your system before you try this. I think it will work but I can't know until it is tried.

The only other possibility I can think of is to set up a boot image on removable media. If you put it on floppy like what is done for a rescue disk it would have to be of VERY limited size. If you can boot from CD, have a CD burner and a spare system to use to build the image I guess you could build the image and put it on CD.  But with 4.6gig drives available for <$100 US, I would probably just buy another drive unless I was looking for a technical chalenge. ;-)

J Crouchet
PampaAuthor Commented:
Ok lock the question please..
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