OpenURL and using cookies

How can I save an HTML page from the internet that uses a cookie as a file in my computer?

When I use:
r = Inet1.OpenURL(strURL, icString)
I get an HTML page saying to enable cookies in my browser...
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crazymanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i had this same problem ...i solved it by running the webbrowser contol along side ..set to invisible and opening the same pages in that , it takes care of all your cookies for you.
xozAuthor Commented:
That was exactly what I needed !
I need to actually get them without doing that.. Wasted 10 points here .. argh :(
 it is actually possible to do this another way, not sure on the specifics but im sure that you can create a string with various information regarding cookie and values, then send it along with ur HTTP request, like i said im not sure on the specifics but ill have a little play see what i can come up with.
Using the inet1.execute feature we can do this, but I guess there is a bug or that it sent the cookies by itself. I would need to have total control over the cookies. My questions is on the board, for 105 points currently ( Everything I had left )
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