Where can I download NT SP4?

I want to download NT4 SP4 for Workstation & Server (It's the same isn't it?).

I've looked at the most obvious place - microsoft.com, but this only has sp5 and sp6. Can anyone help?
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simonprrAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
Just a couple more questions, then i'll give u some points.

Are NT service packs the same for server and workstation? ie. Is there a service pack for nt server and one for nt workstation or are they the same?

Also, i noticed that there was the option to download the 128-bit encyption or the basic encyption. whats the difference? why is there one encyption for the uk and a different one for the US, canada, etc? what is encypted in a service pack?

sorry about all the questions i'm just a little confused!
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For starters you should comment instead of reject an answer. It's a tad irritating. Secondly, I'm not doing this for the points, I enjoy helping people and I find it fun. Otherwise the service packs are the same for both server and for Workstation. The regional difference is a difference in the language setups of the package, or so I understand. Simply, the 128 bit version allows for a greater ability for NT to encrypt data. it should'nt really make a vast difference for your average user, so the 40 bit version is probably your better bet.

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simonprrAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but it didn't think i could add a comment without, doing something with your question. On the other site, i thought you were supposed to post a comment and if it's right then the person who asked the question to 'accept it as an answer'. Not post it as a answer first, even if it's right.

I hope you also realise that there are no good instructions about how to use ee properly.

Thanks anyway.
No offence intende, and I agree, there does'nt seem to be a rule of conduct and use page.... but anyways, we learn as we go on!!

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