VB 6.0 Runtime DLLs not found

I have just finished writing a program, in VB 6.0, that reads a user's Win95 Registry value and outputs the key value to a file on a server.  I want to run the .exe off of the server, but when I copy the .exe file and the bootstrap runtime files to a directory on the server, and try to run it from a user's computer, I get an error (as opposed to it working on my computer, which has the VB core library files).  I don't want to have to copy the runtime files to everyone's computer before being able to run my program successfully.  Is there a way to tell my program where to find the runtime libraries (on the server)?  Or, can anyone suggest any other solutions?
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The program should look in the app.directory for the files. Trick is that has to be the *default* directory. In DOS batch I'd change to the dir with a CD statement. In windows the "Start in" directory in the icon's property page should be where the .DLL's are kept.

You need to copy the runtime to each computer :(
Otherwise, write your application in C or Delphi.

To find wich DLL are used, you can use the Wise (www.glbs.com) setup creation.

If you want, I have other setup in shareware

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