Active X DLL, calling from server

I have written a simple Active X Dll and would like to store it on a local server.

If the DLL is Stored on the Client,this code works:


Function MakeBig(Value As String) As String
MakeBig = UCase(Value)
End Function

After making reference to DLL:

Dim Test As Project1.Class1
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim bb As String
Set Test = New Project1.Class1
bb = Test.MakeBig("Reedy")
End Sub

I want to call it on the server and making a reference to the dll isn't what I need.

I have tried, but this doesn't work:

Declare Function makebig Lib "d:\Dll\Test.dll" (x As String) As String

bb = makebig("Reedy")

Error: Can't find dll entry point makebig in "C:\Dll\Test.Dll"

I want the dll on the server for when changes needed, it's easier to update!

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IF your running an ActiveX component it needs to be an ActiveX Exe as it needs to run in its own process (since its on another machine).

When you compile the ActiveX Exe you need to set the project properties to create remote server files.
I don't think you can call VB dll function as simple dll function. I think what you are looking for is DCOM.

Read this, it will help you...

To understand all about DCOM read this,
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I think you have to make a typelib for your client in
Project Properties|Component because you are using a remote dll

Then you reference this typelib
and set up Remote automation

Declaring a function is only for C/C++ like DLL's (these export their functions, VB ActiveX's do not)
To run it on a server it needs to be an activex exe methinks.
Dean_ReedyAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!
Time to learn DCOM!!!!
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