Outlook offline (ost) files without Exchange Server

We're using Outlook 98 to get our email.
For the internal mail, we're still using Microsoft Mail, which is enough for 7 users.

For email we're using an external mail provider.

All mailboxes (pst-files) are stored on the user's personal folder on the server.  This enables us to backup their mail, ...

Now, on portables, this PST file is not there (if there's no network)

A possibility is to create an OST file via Exchange.  But, we don't have exchange.  

Is there a way to do this without Exchange ?
Or does anybody have an idea how to setup these mail features easily ??

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sbrysConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use "My Briefcase" (standard windows feature) to keep a synchronized local copy of the server-based .pst file.

You will have to add a profile in Outlook 98 (call it 'MS Mail Offline' or something), so it looks for the .pst file in the briefcase when users are offline.
You can set up Net Folders.  Go to the Control Panel and click "Add/Remove Programs".  Choose Outlook 98.  You must insert the disk into your CD Rom to do this.  You will be adding new features, this will take you to the web site where you can install a Net Folder.
vindevogelAuthor Commented:
And how will it continue from there ?

If I install NET FOLDERS, then I need a private server, yes ?

More details please

Oh, I reject this to get more solutions. If it's okay, I'll credit anyway.
Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
I'd just setup 2 PSTs on the laptop, one on c: and one on the network server. user can then manually copy any mail to their c: PST file that they want to access online and drag it back to network PST later on.
There's not any automated synchronisation between multiple PST files and you can't use OST replication as no Exchange server.
Web folders would only work if they connect to the internet instead of your LAN when they are offline.
vindevogelAuthor Commented:
Well, I have 2 profiles (one for the net and one for local use)

I found out myself that the briefcase was a valid option.

There are still some minor issues I have to sort out (you have to login as local to start a syncro)

I'll reward you the points, it's the best solution you, the others and I found.

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