Are Notes mail templates Y2000 compliant?

Only the following versions of Notes 4.x are Y2000 compliant:
4.5.6b; 4.5.7e; 4.6.3c; 4.6.4c; 4.6.5b or 4.6.6 and above

My question is what mail file templates are compliant.  I am upgrading the client to 4.6.6b but some of the older mail files are still based on the Mail45 template.  Do I have to replace the design on all of them?

Plus, one of our other Notes Admins told me that although the name of the Mail46 template has not changed, it gets updated with each new release.  Would that mean I'd also have to replace the design of the mail files using older versions of the Mail46 template as well?

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The Answer is Yes , you should replace all other mail databases with the new release of Mail template (StdR46Mail). This is because LDC has added lot's of new features in this template which is not available in earlier versions.

If new release contains new template for mail then you should upgrade ur maildatabases to have the current design.

So that the maintenance curve doesn't shoot up in future.

Good luck,
pentapodAuthor Commented:
Hi - thanks for the answer but perhaps you could clarify two things.

1) The question was, is it NECESSARY for Y2000 compliance (I already know it's a good idea)


2) Do I have to upgrade the mail files already using Mail46 templates, from client versions that were not Y2K compliant?


Yes It is always safer to have everything Y2K ready.

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Yes It is always safer to have everything Y2K ready. So u should upgrade the databases appropriately.

pentapodAuthor Commented:
Dear HemanthaKumar

Please answer the questions or I cannot accept your answer!

1.  Is it NECESSARY for Y2000 compliance?
2.  Are older Mail46 templates Y2000 compliant?

I know it's safer to be Y2000 compliant!  I am trying to find out ***WHAT IS NECESSARY FOR Y2000 COMPLIANCE***!

pentapodAuthor Commented:
Very well, I am rejecting your answer because you did not answer my questions.  Can anybody else answer the questions.

From a legal standpoint, I would talk to your Lotus Business partner or Lotus represenative about this question.  Also the Lotus homoepage has documented its Y2K readiness on

However, to answer your question, Notes has claimed to be Y2K compliant since version 4.5, so any mail files whose templates are based on Y2K compliant versions of Notes should be okay, but as the gentleman before suggested I would still upgrade to be on the safe side.  Is it necessary ... No, not as long as the version of the template is based on a Y2K version of Notes.  

Are older versions of Mail templates Y2K ready?  Yes, any version of Notes that Lotus marks as Y2K ready has mail files that are Y2K ready as well.

I have heard very few Y2K issues w/ Notes, but I would still upgrade to be on the safe side.

Also, to cover your butt, I'd still backup EVERYTHING!

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