Win98: WITHOUT a network connection?

I've got several Win98 boxes that I want to apply at least the Critical
Updates that MS offers patches for, but I don't have better than a 28.8KBps modem to download them with.  Without a doubt I don't want to tie up my phone line for the hours it'll take to download all those suckers.  I cannot believe there's no way to download these guys
by hand and apply them without using a live connection over the modem.  I'm happy to go online long enough to identify what I want to
download, but I want to then go to my workplace, download them using its T1 connection to a ZIP disk or something, and cart it home to apply them.  Workplace machine is a WinNT box, so I don't even get the list of Win98 updates on it.

What's a slow modem owner to do?
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Tie up the phone lines overnight. I really can't think of a way you'll be able to bypass this... get a new modem. 28.8 KBPS is  too slow in todays world... go for a 56.6K modem. But whatever modem you use, use it overnight, just before you go to bed. Not convinient, I know, and you'll have to do that a lot, one night per item, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Use this web address to get the latest Windows 98 updates that you want to download.  Can pick and chose the ones you want to download.  It does not run them, just saves them where you want.  This site is accessible from an NT machine too, that is what I use.  Microsoft buries things for some unknown reason.  Good Luck!

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jlw011597Author Commented:
Not a solution; would have already tried it if it were.  ISP only supports 56KBps anyway (THAT took forever on the other box) and there's too much interaction to do this overnight.  If it were a standalone thing with no interaction that would be done overnight I'd have tried it already, too.

I wasn't aware of any nationwide cable modem or ADSL operations that Microsoft was a major player in yet, so it doesn't make sense they'd have an interest in tying up your modem that long, either.

I KNOW that I saw options on the WinNT side for administrators downloading a set of updates ONCE for system farms (at work we've got a set of well over 500 Win95 stations spread state-wide -- and NONE of them have modems -- updating them one-at-a-time, including the downloads, is absurd), so there should be some way the small time home system farmer can do it, too.
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jlw011597Author Commented:
OK, THAT was what I think I'm looking for.  Have to see if I can actually download them, but if I can successfully download and install these,
celtics, I'll close this with the promised points.  Thanks for the suggestion.
Celtics- it's rude to lock a question, he can accept a comment as the answer.
jlw011597Author Commented:
Looks like it'll take some time to download them all, since the interactive
features that tie things up so long also do all the judgement calls on which ones really need to be downloaded, but I'll use the URL cited and download them for use.  Thanks again, Celtics.

And I believe the lockout is caused by the way that Experts' Exchange
works, doing a lock when an answer is proposed.  I don't know Celtics but I wouldn't make the assumption that they locked to keep others
out of the commenting process, which is what SmartGamer seems to be implying.  Especially since the proposed answer was what I was looking for, while the complaining individual only posted a comment suggesting there WAS no answer and I should just live with the long phone connections.
I do not normally lock a question with an answer, but this was and still remains the only solution.  I went through the same problem as jlw and this is the only solution for downloading the files.
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