seeking infos from WWW pages

I made my home page and I want to view news from another servers in one table. How to load part of some citizen page from one tag to another tag and place acquired informations at my page?
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You would be hard pressed to be able to do that with out an anchor on that persons page to limit the display to just the information you wanted.

I don't think you would be able to keep the display limited to just a small selection unless you could hard code the height and width of the table and then got lucky...

Try to use 'HTTP calls'.
This is a method used to call a specific URL, and it returns a string with its HTML. When you have the string, it's quite easy to parse it.
BUT, you must be familiar with programming, and I don't know if you are.
If you wish, I will write full explanation about the HTTP calls and what you can do with it.
It shouldn't be that hard to do even with JavaScript. If you're able to upload the page in javascript and sift through the code, you can find the tags you want to have and just insert them somewhere in your page. Otherwise I don't know any other sollution than building your own server module and do it with a 'normal' programming language...
rslotaAuthor Commented:
I am advanced HTML-designer. But I don't know, how to get informations from URL address, because I work with graphics and basic JavaScripts only. Can you tell me short example (step-by-step), how to solve my problem?

Thank you very much!
I also thought about that task for my webpage. And as far as I know there are several solutions. You can use Perl or PHP maybe even Java.

On Devshed you can find a tuorial where the build a User Personalization System.
They use a Perl script to fetch the headlines:
The url for the Perl script is

The script is for

The steps you need to make are:

1. Locate where the information is in the webpage.
2. Download the webpage to your server.
3. Look through (search) the webpage to find the tags where the content you want is in.
4. Strip away all other tags and texts.
Now you should have just the information you want.
Now it depends on what you want to do with the gathered information.
It would be a good idea to somehow store it into a file so you have to fetch it just once in an hour for example.

I hope this helps. If not feel free to contact me at

If I have new ideas or a ready solution I will post it here.

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