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I'm looking into replacing our company mail server, possibly with a Linux box. However, I've done a fair amount of searching and I have been unable to locate a mail server application that the company would consider a suitable replacement for what we use at the moment (Exchange 5.5 on NT4). Can anyone point me in the direction of something that provides similar functionality (and doesn't have a near-vertical learning curve)?

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crouchetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Opps! The Linux version of Post.Office is not yet out.  I realized our is running on Solarus. Anyway, I did some more research and came up with an impressive number of alternatives. Here are my top picks:

Ok, here are some other options:

HP's OpenMail is now free for Linux. They haven't worked out all the legal hoo-haa just yet, but you can currently download a copy (full working version) for a 6 month "trial". Their docs promise to produce a new liscense agreement before the time for that trial expires, and that agreement will allow you to simply use OpenMail free for Linux systems. The bottom line is, it is free and a good product. Go to:

Alternatly, you could get the commercial version of SendMail, SendMail Pro, which, unlike it's freeware cousin, includes a nice GUI interface making life much simpler for the admin. Of course, you still have to have some clue as to what you are doing, but the docs should take you through anything you need. This is NOT free, but actually comes in a box and includes some support. Go to:

Here is info on another commercial product. Very nice but less expensive than SendMail Pro:

If you want to try the free version of sendmail that is included with most Linux distributions, there are plenty of articles out there that will help you configue it. Check these:

Here are links to a few other sendmail alternatives:

I imagine there are two of three items here that will fit your bill.

J Crouchet
I suggest you stick at your current setup... But try Qmail server on linux as well. I haven't seen a linux mail server aswell in the process. Even sendmail can provide what Exchange can provide locally. All you need to do is setup sendmail to do this things.

I don't know how big your company is and that effects the answer.

Sendmail comes on must distributions and is free but takes a bit of know how.

Post.Office is probably what you actually want. It costs a little money, but is far easier to administer than sendmail.

If your company is big -- really big -- then you want Post.Office's big brother, Intermail. Very slick, very scaleable, very stable. Good price too, if you have 50,000 users or so.

ALL of these are much more stable than Exchange. If you think the learning curve for sendmail is bad, just wait until the first time you LOSE the attachment association file for Exchange and have to try to figure out what pieces go with which e-mails. If you are counting on Exchange you are little better off than a beta tester.

J Crouchet (UNIX Snob)
FaffManAuthor Commented:
jetx: Thanks for your suggestions, I've rejected your answer to keep the question open to other experts.

crouchet: Would I be right in guessing that you're not a fan of Exchange?!?

It's only a small company, so it sounds like is the answer. Do they have a website?

Many thanks,

FaffManAuthor Commented:
That HP package looks pretty good. I've downloaded a copy.

Many thanks to all who contributed.

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