I dont like if users can see my HTML code what can i do?
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elpmetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HTML code  - You can't do anything
              about it.

Javascript - You can "hide" but people  
              can still find it easily.

Java       - Your actual code is

PamorAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Hello Pamor
Do you want to say that you never looked at someone elses page source? Its hard to believe!
As far as I know its pretty impossible to prevent the user form viewing your source code. The only thing you can do is make it difficult to read or use server based stuff like cgi scripts which can create pages on the fly.
If your interested in making the html code difficult to read then use a tool to scramble or compress the html code.
There is a free software available called 1st Page 2000 from 
This software has a tool called HTML source compressor. This will make your code look a bit like a binary file... no spaces, no returns, removes unneeded tags, etc. Reduces the size by approx. 20%. Big pages end up looking very messy.
The software beats Front Page Express and has many more good tools.
   As i know, you can't hide your code (unless you are using active server pages[ASP])
   Anyway, I can tell that you may hide your javascript by
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = Javascript src = xxx.js>, however, we can still download the *.js file for us to view the code.
   Regarding to Java, this is the most secure, it will not show it's 'content' at ALL ! Because it is in bytes-code !

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