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While transferring data files to a partition on the HD I mistakenly put them on the DESKTOP. I deleted them and then put the files in the data folder on the Data Drive. Upon rebooting the next time, the data shortcuts had reappeared on the DESKTOP. I have tried to delete them by sending them to the RECYCLE BIN and using SHIFT+DELETE, but the shortcuts are recopied to the DESKTOP as soon as the others are deleted. I see a box momentarily with the message "Copying - Desktop to Desktop"
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goodieAuthor Commented:
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Goodie, for each desktop item you want to delete, not its name or caption.

Now open windows explorer and drill down to C:\Windows\Desktop click once on the word "Desktop" in the left window pane and in the right you will see each of the icons.

Now delete all of those that you noted and you should have what you need!

Need more help, let me know!

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goodieAuthor Commented:
The answer seems to put me on the right track, but the files are still being recopied to the Desktop after they have been deleted. This message "Copying - filename - Desktop to Desktop". Could there be two copies of Desktop?
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Well you may have inadvertanly created a shortcut that recreates these shortcuts, if you understand what I mean. This could be in a few different places, such as either in the registry or in one of the windows folders.

Open Windows Explorer again and drill down to C:\Windows\SendTo and tell me what is in there.

There could be a second desktop though, created when the initial error occurred.

Use Find, Files and Folders and search on the word desktop and let me know what you find.

Something is replicating your desktop features.
goodieAuthor Commented:
In Send To:
3 1/2 FloppyA
Desktop (create Shortcut)
Direct CD (F)
Mail Recipient
My Briefcase
My documents
Web Publishing Wizard
In Find - Desktop:(8 files)
Desktop C:\Windows File Folder
Show Desktop C:\Windows\S..1KB WinEpl.C
Desktop C:Windows\F..1KB Config.Settings
Desktop C:\Windows\T.. 1KB Con.Fig Set.
Show Desktop C:\Windows\A 1KB WinExpl C.
Desktop C Windows\A..1KB FileFolder
Desktop (Create S) C:\Windows\S 0KB DESKLINKFILE
Edesktop C:\Dell 302 KB
Also there was no Desktop under Explorer - C:\Windows
Let's start with this one:

Use windows explorer and delete it entirely.

Desktop (Create S) C:\Windows\S 0KB DESKLINKFILE

Also, open windows explorer and verify that this folder does not exist as you indicate.


goodieAuthor Commented:
I removed the file above as suggested and I am still getting the Shortcuts recopying to the Desktop.
 There is not a Desktop Folder under
 C:\Windows. I access Desktop through START-FIND-Desktop.

And what is the address or location of the file when you do this?

For you to have an icon on the desktop, it needs to be where I told you or created through the system registry or through a shortcut created on the system.

I'm concerned now that you don't have the folder that I mentioned.

Search your drive and let me know what locations you have for desktop icons. As an example, search for "Outlook Express" (no quotes" and look for the location on your "C" drive.
goodieAuthor Commented:
The address of Desktop found through Start-Find is C:\WINDOWS\Desktop. This window lists all the shortcuts that appear on the actual Desktop
Another file labelled Desktop gives a window of Desktop with no shortcuts. It's address is C:\WINDOWS\All users \Desktop.In Explorer clicking on C:\WINDOWS\All users\Desktop gives the same empty Desktop Window.
For Outlook Express in Start-Find there are three shortcut files:
These all launch an Outlook Express window. In Explorer, Outlook is C:\Program  Files\Outlook Express
All the regular Desktop icons seem to be under C:\Program Files\
Okay, now lets follow the same procedure and try and locate all instances of the icons you want to remove. Let me know where they turn up.
goodieAuthor Commented:
All the shortcuts are found when I go to: START-FIND-desktop
the shortcuts are in:C:\WINDOWS\Desktop
Also in here are the usual program icons that appear on the Desktop after booting up.I have tried deleting the shortcuts in the normal manner but they are recopied to this address.
If I go to Windows Explorer there is not
There is C:WINDOWS\ALL USERS\Desktop
It is empty.
Can you tell me the desktop icons you want to remove? Give me the icon name, as an example, Briefcase would be just briefcase.
goodieAuthor Commented:
The problem seems to be fixed. My son who originally encountered (instigated?) the problem came home from school and did some sort of systems analysis. He just left a note to say he found the shortcut files buried.

Many thanks for your efforts on my behalf.
Great Goodie! You may want to ask him the details though!
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