Source code to get Delphi to talk to AutoCAD

Does somebody have some good sourcecodes that I can use, to learn how to let Delphi 4 talk with Autocad R14.01 and what things I have to load and set before I all works, I have tried to load Acad.tlb as an unit into Delphi, I can't Delphi open an new drawing in AutoCAD, what's the next step ????

If i hit button 1 there must be an line drawn.
If i hit button 2 there must be an circle drawn.
And what about getting information from lines and other elements into Delphi.

I hope somebody can help me with this problem.
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this website:

many examples etc ..
Regards Barry
CyberChildAuthor Commented:
All Courses

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