Information on site publishing and search engines

I'm interested in finding some information dealing with getting your site indexed on search engines.  I know about meta tags, and site submissions and the regular stuff, but I know that many services are using a "keyword density analizer" to figure out the best keyword to text ratio to shoot for.

Does anyone know where this software can be found or, better yet, a place that explains the ins and outs of figuring out how to get a high index rating.

Again I'm not looking for info on "how to put meta tags on your pages", but rather the way indexing works, and how to get a better indexing.


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LisaB101199Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried Web Position by First Place Software?  It reports on the very things you are looking for, giving detailed reports. Web Position will query the most popular search enginess and report back based upon your keywords and url. You can even compare your pages with more successful pages from other sites. It also automates submissions to the same engines.

It contains links to their knowledge base on search engine inner workings, explaining what they're looking for, etc. and makes recommendations. They update the softwares database frequently. It does quite a bit more than this, you can download a demo at their web site.

mcneilAuthor Commented:
Great, Just what I'm looking for!

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