Problems with Ctrl-V to Paste

When I press Ctrl-V to Paste, the pasted text does not include all formatting, which I what I'm looking for. Instead it pastes the text without singe line space breaks and without hyperlinks. Any suggestions?
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jsaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have Eudora setup to format messages as HTML? I don't imagine hyperlinks would work if the message was plain text based.
What application are you talking about?
Yes, it entirely depends on the application.  The application is responsible for executing the paste, and it does it however it wants to.  Some apps may ignore the formatting.
ehopkinsAuthor Commented:
The application in question is Eudora Pro 4.2. I didn't have this problem when I copied and pasted text using my Compaq laptop. But, now that I'm on a new Compaq desktop, Eudora is ignoring the formatting. I've checked the Tools, Options but didn't notice anything re formatted text... Thanks everyone!
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