Logged in users not shown by 'finger' or 'who'

I have been using RH 6.0 for about 6 months on this machine.  I's been running great.  about a weeks ago, i lost the use of 'finger' and 'who'.  Well the binaries still work.. but they say that no one is logged in, even though I've got, say 4 sessions open.

Both the /var/run/utmp and /var/log/wtmp are their, and being written to.
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balzeeAuthor Commented:
Nop updates / installs were being performed on this machine, when this problem occured.  I did, however, rebuild the kernel, after wards, adding PPP support.  this solved nothing...
What about the w command?
If you use "which finger" is it executing the one it should? Perhaps another is has been installed ahead of the correct one in the path.

The correct finger is in /usr/bin and should have a size of 15896 and be dated April 8 1999 (for my RH installation).

who is in the same location, with size 9720 and dated april 13 1999

If the files are OK, then it could be a shared library that's changed (but I doubt that these fellows use shared libraries), or the process that writes to those files has changed the format.  I don't know what that process is.  Or maybe it's a permissions problem; my /var/run/utmp
is -rw-rw-r--    1  root   utmp
and my /var/log/wtmp is the same.  

You could try reinstalling the package that contains the programs, if they appear to be corrupt.  
Simple, just recompile or rerun the RPM for the utilities.

Remember, when doing a kernel jump to the latest from an old one, it will screw up some libs the some your program runs.

Just get the latest finger/w/who .. etc.. from sunsite.unc.edu

This should solve your problem.


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