Logged in users not shown by 'finger' or 'who'

I have been using RH 6.0 for about 6 months on this machine.  I's been running great.  about a weeks ago, i lost the use of 'finger' and 'who'.  Well the binaries still work.. but they say that no one is logged in, even though I've got, say 4 sessions open.

Both the /var/run/utmp and /var/log/wtmp are their, and being written to.
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jetxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simple, just recompile or rerun the RPM for the utilities.

Remember, when doing a kernel jump to the latest from an old one, it will screw up some libs the some your program runs.

Just get the latest finger/w/who .. etc.. from sunsite.unc.edu

This should solve your problem.

balzeeAuthor Commented:
Nop updates / installs were being performed on this machine, when this problem occured.  I did, however, rebuild the kernel, after wards, adding PPP support.  this solved nothing...
What about the w command?
If you use "which finger" is it executing the one it should? Perhaps another is has been installed ahead of the correct one in the path.

The correct finger is in /usr/bin and should have a size of 15896 and be dated April 8 1999 (for my RH installation).

who is in the same location, with size 9720 and dated april 13 1999

If the files are OK, then it could be a shared library that's changed (but I doubt that these fellows use shared libraries), or the process that writes to those files has changed the format.  I don't know what that process is.  Or maybe it's a permissions problem; my /var/run/utmp
is -rw-rw-r--    1  root   utmp
and my /var/log/wtmp is the same.  

You could try reinstalling the package that contains the programs, if they appear to be corrupt.  
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