Linux X11 setup

I have loaded Linux on a HP vectra using the Macmillan's software.  Everything went well until the XF86Setup routine finished.  I get "X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111" after it Attempts to start server.  I am new to Linux and don't have a clue.
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This means you have a general error of some kind. most likly you have chosen the wrong video card. Type in XF86Setup
and choose a card.
dagilbertAuthor Commented:
I agree with the answer and have tried several different combinations of video cards.  Because the video chips are built onto the mother board and Hp doesn't seem to have a web site where I can find the information I am left to trial and error.  Not very satisfactory solution.  My solution would be to reload NT and use it to discover the chip set characteristics, which is a very distasteful solution.  I thought maybe one of the "experts" might have a better one.
If you say what model of HP Vectra you are using, I can tell you which card you have. Otherwise, depending on how old the system is, the pentium III's have a matrox mga g200 builtin. The celeron's have builtin sis video.
try the standard vga driver if you don't have a better driver. You would get low res, but it is better then nothing. Linux has lots of problems with on the motherboard graphics cards.

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I used to work with a SiS 5598 on-board adapter without any problems. In that time I ran Slackware 4.0. In a few days I've installed Slackware 7.0 in another machine that uses a SiS 6xxx. No problems again. I'd recommend running XF86Setup from console mode, if it starts ok, good, your card is at least VGA compatible. Then configure XF86Setup to probe for your adapter. This works almost 100% times. If you can, I recommend disabling the on-board video and buying a real card, like a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI. :)

 Good luck!
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