Dynamic SQL in Oracle Stored Procedure thro' ASP

suppose that i have a stored procedure that takes in an SQL command as input parameter and executes that statement.
We need to call that procedure through ASP.

The problem arises when we pass a SQL command, with a quoted string such as 'select * from temp where c1 = 'gh ' '

" ADODB.Command error '800a0d5d'
The application is using a value of the wrong type for the current operation. "

How could this be solved...

Thanks and Any help in this regards is appreciated.
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Use SQLEncode() function.

Dim sString
sString = "'hi there" & """" ' Anything
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM foo WHERE text=" & SQLEncode(sString)

This should work


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rkrubaAuthor Commented:
This gives a way out..  But still VBSCript gives Error on

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch: 'SQLEncode'

What to do now?

Thanks in ADvance
Hi there again:

This is part of my code, and it works:

function SQLEncode(strSqlTmp)
 SQLEncode = replace(strSqlTmp,"'","'+CHAR(39)+'")
end function

strExample = "john " & chr(34) & "leftie's" & chr(34)
strSql = "INSERT INTO data (id) VALUES ('" & SQLEncode(strExample) & "')"
objConn.execute strSql

I will splain you a few about this:

String values must be betwen ' (sigle quotes).
Ie: 'john'

If you want to inser a double quote you can.
Ie: 'John "the fly"'

If you want to add a sigle quote you must insert de SQL funtion CHAR(intAsc)
ie: 'John "leftie' + CHAR(39) + 's"'

Example of a complete query:

INSERT INTO data (id) VALUES ('john "leftie'+CHAR(39)+'s"')

Hope it helps
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