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I am using Forms 5.0 on Oracle 8.0.3. Sometimes forms give compilation error as 'Identifier must be declared' for some table names in which the columns reffered exist and database is perfectly OK. If I add an additional column in the table then program unit compiles fine.

This problem does not exist on Forms 6.0, SQL Plus and forms 4.5.

Any solution ?
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MANIKANDANConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a bug in forms5.0.While Compilation u Will Get an Internal Error - 60604.Cloase the Form And Compile once again.
First: If you reference something that does not exists its normal that compiler gives you an error. For me, there is not anything wrong with that error.

Second: perhaps the error comes from a bug in Forms 5.0. Sometimes, when you compile, you will find that Forms says '[internal error]', and anything will compile again until you close the form and reopen it.

ashishnAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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