How to write a vxd?


I'm weriting an application that should spy after the serial port and write everything that goes in & out in a separate buffer/file.

I understand that I'll have to write a new vxd that after it gets the data, it should restore the interrupt.

Is there a special compiler for this or my C/C++ compiler is enough?

any comments?

Thanks, Eli
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need at least 2 things:

1) Microsoft Visual C++ (I'm not aware of any other compilers on the market today that support VxD development)

2) THe Microsoft DDK.  You can only get this via a MSDN Professional Subscription.

Beyond this, there are some 3rd party tools that can be used to facilitate the process but these are quite expensive.  CompuWare has one called DriverStudio.  There are others as well.

I'd suggest a book by Karen Hazzah called "Writing Windows VxDs and Device Drivers" published by R&D Books.  It will take you through how to get started and unless you have a background in this, you'll be lost wading through the rotten DDK documentation.
You can use a standard compiler. What you need is the Windows DDK (Driver Development Kit).

It comes with lots of lib, doc & good samples. You can find the DDK it in the MSDN.

Good luck,
A little additional only.
Karen Hazzah's book oriented to the non-standard hardware support. If you want write some like COM port stuff then I'd suggest Walter Oney's book.
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