Special retrieval of a string from file <part 2>

Hello Tim and all others!
Thanks for the code but there is a slight problem:
- I am trying to read a "user_id" from a certain cookie text file
- I try to read a new line using your code - but it reads the whole file content into the string! (although if I open the cookie with Word - I see that there are new lines, so there must be new line characters in the cookie file, no?)
- As a result: I crash when trying to execute the command: Input #1, strLine2
(according to your code -see above)
- If I can find out how to advance the file pointer, that would help as well.
- To sum up: I need to skip the newline character(that I saw with Word) which appears after the string "user_id" that I am looking for and then skip a newline character, then read a string (representing the numeric id) which ends in the next newline character(this, again, I saw with Word)
- Please tell me what to do - 10'x
P.S. I miss C/C++ - this would have been over a long time ago...
although VB has its features...
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damienmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dim stemptext as string

Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fs.GetFile("c:\folderName\fileName.txt")
Set ts = f.OpenAsTextStream(1, TristateUseDefault)
While Not ts.atendofstream
    stemptext = ts.readline

    msgbox stemptext

It might have to do something with Windows having vbCrLf (Chr$(13)+Chr$(10) or vice versa) and the "UNIX world" having only vbLf (Chr$(10) or Chr$(13) whatever).

Do you read line by line from the textfile? Try using Line Input instead of Input, this will work for 'short newline' character too.
When you read cookie files, there is no VbCrLf separating the end of lines.  Cookies only use VbLf at the end of each line.

To read a cookie file, you need to read the whole file, then use instr() to find each line...

For example:

    Dim fNum As Long
    Dim Cookie As String
    Dim CookieLine As String
    Dim iVal As Long
    Dim jVal As Long
    fNum = FreeFile
    Open "C:\windows\cookies\mcrider@experts-exchange[1].txt" _
        For Input Access Read As fNum
    Input #fNum, Cookie
    Close fNum
    jVal = 0
        jVal = jVal + 1
        iVal = InStr(1, Cookie, vbLf)
        If iVal = 0 Then Exit Do
        CookieLine = Left$(Cookie, iVal - 1)
        Cookie = Mid$(Cookie, iVal + 1)
        Debug.Print "Line #" + CStr(jVal) + ": " + CookieLine

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