Restricting Telnet to a user

How do I restrict Telnet and rlogin to a particular user in solaris 7

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Not a very nice sollution but you could test  (/usr/xpg4/bin/id -g) for the uid in /etc/profile

Since you could set their shell to /bin/false to prevent login, I guess you mean restricting users on the system. If you want only certian users to be able to use Telnet and Rlogin you could simply make the programs owned by a group that that those persons were in, and make it only executable for group.

For instance lets say you created a group called remote in /etc/groups, and you added everyone who is supposed to be able to telnet into it.

chgrp remote telnet;
chown 0-x telnet;

That should do it. Of course maybe I've totally misinterpreted your question.

johns_philipAuthor Commented:
My intention is to give only FTP access to one user. I donot want him to
use Anonymous ftp.

JS: Can you make little more clear your comment?

Thanks in advance

When a user rlogins to your machine, the first thing that get sourced is /etc/profile.
So you could check in /etc/profile if that user tries to logs in.  If it is him, print a mesage to his screen and log him out.

So set the user's shell to /bin/false, this will dis-allow login. You could also point his shell to script that prints a message and then logs him out. But anyway, this should do what you want. It will allow him access through ftp, since he has a username and password, but he won't be able to log in.

Does that do it for you?


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