RH6.1 + raid

Can someone give a step by step guide for a _Working_ way to stripe two partitions in RH6.1
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Just to make sure, a stripe set (without parity) will not provide any fault-tolerance in case of a drive failure.  If you want fault-tolerance with only 2 partitions, you need to use mirroring.  Anyway, here are the steps.  Please be aware that anything in the partitions will be destroyed.

1 - Make sure you have raidtools intalled:
      "rpm -qa | grep raid"
2 - Create the partitions.
3 - Change the partition's system id's to "fd"
4 - Edit /etc/raidtab.  The sytaax can be found under /usr/doc/raidtools-0.90
5 - Create the RAID device:
      "mkraid /dev/md0"
6 - Check on the build status:
      "cat /proc/mdstat"

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j2Author Commented:
Clear and to the point. I was missing the fact that i had to change the partition ID.. Thanks.
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