Fractions to decimal conversion script wanted


I would like for our clients to enter inch lengths in fraction format (i.e. "3/8") such that the output is given in decimal 'mm' format. And - if possible - the script should also be able to work backwards. That's to say: if one were to enter "9.5 mm", the thing should disgorge "3/8". I think, however, that this is pushing it, somewhat.

All mm. values can be rounded off to a single decimal.

Thank you

Here's what I got:


var in2mm = true;
function convert(val) {
   val = val-0;
//   if (in2mm) return (val*25.4) + 'mm';    // in -> mm
//   else       return (val*0.03934)+'"';  // mm -> in
   if (in2mm) return round(val*25.4,5);    // in -> mm
   else       return round(val*0.03934,5);  // mm -> in
function round(number,X) {
 // rounds number to X decimal places, defaults to 2
     X = (!X ? 2 : X);
     return Math.round(number*Math.pow(10,X))/Math.pow(10,X);
// --></SCRIPT>
<FORM onSubmit="return false"">
<INPUT SIZE="5" TYPE="text" NAME="from" VALUE="" onChange="">
<BR><INPUT SIZE="5" TYPE="text" NAME="to" VALUE="">
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="into" VALUE="" onClick="in2mm=true;" CHECKED>in. to mm.
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="into" VALUE="" onClick="in2mm=false;">mm. to in.


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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
function convert(val) {
   val = eval(val); // takes care of fractions
   val = val-0;
   if (in2mm) return round(val*25.4,2);    // in -> mm
   else       return round(val*0.03934,2);  // mm -> in

2 decimals now on all

Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:

  if (in2mm) return round(val*25.4,1);    // in -> mm
  else       return round(val*0.03934,1);  // mm -> in

1 decimal.

If you can give me a list of valid fractions for the product, I can make a look up table and return a fraction.

I would suggest having both values like this:

[ 9.5mm (3/8") ]


shihoAuthor Commented:

We'll do the reverse in Phase II, yes?


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