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Fading graphics when cut and pasting

Can you please tell me why, when I create a design in Paint Shop Pro 5, then use the "select merged" and "copy" commands, then paste the design into my Printmaster Platinum 8.0 program, the design appears fine on-screen, but when it prints, it is faded.
I can circumvent this problem to an extent by copying first to Corel PhotoHouse, then copying from there and pasting into Printmaster. But then, instead of being faded, the image is somewhat pixelated and grainy.
Also, sometimes, when copying from PaintShopPro and pasting into Printmaster, the image loses its sharpness. Edges of letters become blurred, etc.
1 Solution
why don't you just export the image into bitmap(BMP) first, without compression, then copy it to other program.
because sometimes, the way of the above software work is different one from another, so the unexpected result is happen.
with BMP no compression (however, bitmap) is pixel accurate, so I think it is better........ but take more work to do.
Copy-and-Paste does not always work as expected. It all depends on the way different software exports to the clipboard (Windows clipboard uses WMF format) and how this is imported into the target app....

As Sillycorn suggests, best way to go is to save your file, export it into a format that the other app can handle well (BMP is not really really really the best format for this, tho.... I'd go with TIF or PSD if your app can). Of course, make sure you keep the orighinal file, too, just in case.....
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
I'm with sillycorn and Lobo... either a BMP file or a TIF file. Copy/paste (or import/export) can be like making a copy of a print of a photograph -- or a copy of a copy of a copy. Each time you reproduce it, you can have some degradation, which gets worse each time...
Dilbert1003Author Commented:
Thanks for the tips from all, but Lobo seemed to nail it best - will see if this works any better!
Thanks a lot for the points, Dilbert!!!  They are very appreciated and I'm glad I could be of help.

My regards to Dogbert!

Good vibes!!!!

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