deskjet on linux

I've searched far and wide, and have not found any concrete answer on how to get an HP Deskjet 500 printer to print from linux.  The most obivous problem being the stairstepping of text.  I know I need a filter of some type, but have no idea where to find one.  Any helo would be appreciated.
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Did you try the default lpr?
stairstepping correction is an option in the printer control panel (red hat)
spavAuthor Commented:
this is on slackware.  I don't use control panels, I'd like to have a concrete solution.  If someone has a copy of the /etc/printcap they could post, that'd be nice.

The default lpr is where the problem lies, I can print to it with lpr, but it stairsteps.
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Here is what I have:

##PRINTTOOL3## LOCAL djet500 300x300 letter {} DeskJet500Mono Default {}

Assuming you have the filter installed. My distro is RedHat so try this out. If it fails, reject my answer so someone who knows Slackware can take a shot.

J Crouchet

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spavAuthor Commented:
I will try that as soon as I get home, but I need to know where I can get the filter!

thanks for the least I have a starting place!
the hp deskjet must transform each LF (unix) in a CR LF sequence - he can do that automaticaly if you send the escape code before you send your text.
I made a script and a filter that do that but you can also configure printcap to use the filter
my script "prtdj"( use: prtdj <text>)
----------cut here
# impression dj en pipe
cat $1 | djt.flt > /dev/lp1
# /dev/lpx x= 0 or 1 depend of your parallel port device
----------cut here
the filter djt.flt
----------cut here
# filtre pour ajouter:
#      LF => CRLF
#      + decalage de 5 col.
echo -ne \\033\&k2G
echo -ne \\033\&a5L
echo -ne \\f
----------cut here
this filter send the code that ask the deskjet to transform
LF in CRLF and left a space of 5 collums

prtdj and djt.flt must be executable and in the path

last minute
i made also 2 scripts that use ghostscript - for nicer printings with page numbers and the name of the file that is printing

# impression dj de fichiers ascii en passant par ps
gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=djet500 -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -r300 -                    sOutputFile=/dev/lp0 --  $1
# this must be send on the same line - no break

the same but 2 page per page printed in landscape ( nice for sources, ....)

# impression dj de fichiers ascii 2pages par feuilles
gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=djet500 -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -r300 -                sOutputFile=/dev/lp1 -- -2r $1
# this must be send on the same line - no break

remarque: /dev/lpx x= 0 or 1 depending of your parallel port device - most case is 0

spavAuthor Commented:
everything here was very helpful.  marcelvh's filter worked like a charm when attached to Crouchet's printcap entry.  I had the test thing solved, but then there's graphics, and WP in X.  I solved that by using a Slackware package for the APSfilter, which uses ghostscript and other filters to automatically detect what kind of filter to use to get the correct output, so far it's been dead on.

Thank you for all your help, I wouldn't have thought to look for the package without all your suggestions
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