Menu item on Notepad

Is there a way I can add a menu item or button to Notepad.

I have seen some sources that do add a button to the title bars in a delphi app but none for other apps like notepad. These sources require hooks to windows messages for the application.

How does one hook into Notepads messages so that I can use on button click events?.
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There is a way. You'll have to write a little dll. Then hook notepad's main window (SetWindowsHookEx). Now hook all messages. When you receive a WM_NCPAINT, you should draw your additional button to the title bar (e.g. with BitBlt). There are of course more messages that you have to hook and handle, for the button look at all the WM_NC* messages (NC = non client).

That's no easy stuff...

Regards, Madshi.

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npatelAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestion.

It will help me to get started in the right direction.

If you have a sample code of using SetWindowsHookEX via a dll, it would help me a lot. The sample need not deal with my question just looking for a source to get started with.

Sample code for a C grade?? Hmmm...

Okay, I've my friendly day today...

The following app/dll combination disables the keyboard system wide.

// app

var dll, keybHook : cardinal;

procedure DisableKeyboard;

procedure EnableKeyboard;

// dll

library hook;

function hookProc(code, wParam, lParam: integer) : integer; stdcall;

exports hookProc index 1 name 'hookProc';


Regards, Madshi.
npatelAuthor Commented:
Thanks Madshi:0)

May be I was harsh on the C grade
you deserve better ,an 'A+' for the example.

All the best
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