Sharing folders through different users (LN version 4.5)

I created a new db, I'm the manager, I created folders I want to give access to those folders to some users.  I go to folder design and try to access the folder property.  The help says that the key table should appear but I don't see it.  It's why I can't actually specify people to whom I'd like to give access to my folders.  Any suggestions are welcome!
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
the folder u created was personal.  When u click to create a folder make sure that u select shared, and then u will see the security tab in the folder properties. u cant change the folder after its created to shared.  What u can do is create a new one, then in the ceration dialog there is a button called 'options' select that and inherit the design of the folder u want.
tallieubAuthor Commented:
That is correct and rapid. Many Thanks !
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