Ink flow problem

My HP 540 monochrome printer has just decided it does not want to put ink to paper any more.  It prints as usual but the result is a completely blank piece of paper.  The cartridge is
almost full.    I have tried the following:
Removing and cleaning the cartridge including the contacts.
Dusting out the whole printer.
Printing an internal test page while disconnected from computer.

No error messages are ever produced.

If anyone knows if its a broken component then please could you tell me what exactly since I'm quite handy and could probably fix anything mechanical and minor electronics myself.
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The first thing to eliminate is cartridge failure. Even though it may still have ink the cartridge may be defective for other reasons. The simplest test is to replace the current cartridge with a known good one (or a new one). Alternatively take the cartridge to a known good 540 printer and test it there. There really isn't much point in troubleshooting further until you can establish that you have a working cartridge.

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singistAuthor Commented:
I was tying to avoids buying a fresh cartridge by seeing if it was a known problem but yes it does look like I'll have to.  Thanks for commenting bparnes and being polite.  People can be so arrogant and competitve in experts exchange don't you think.
Is the print header added to the ink cartridge? If they don't come together, try to change the print header.
Let's stay focussed on getting your printer working, and not on a discussion of why SOME people are so arrogant and competitive in experts exchange.

Unfortunately for you, the "known problem" is a defective cartridge. That's the most likely source of your frustration. If the cartridge does prove to be defective and you purchased it within the last 90 days, then HP will replace it under their warranty.
bparnes is correct.It sounds like just a defective cartridge.Especially if the printer acts as if it is printing and nothing is wrong.Try replacing the cartridge first. Good luck
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