Gravis Gamepad in Redhat 6.1

I want to use that xmms joystick control.... how do i setup my Gravis Pc gamepad?      I've activated the plugin but it doesn't react at all to the gamepad.... The gamepad works fine in winblows.. any idea of how to set it up for linux? or the device name?
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k0jackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to have support for the gamepad compiled into the kernel. you can check if it is by going to //lib/modules/ . Look for the gravis module in there. If you don't see it, you most likely don't have support for it in the existing kernel. Then it's time to recompile the kernel. If you DO see it, type insmod '<module name>' and then try it.

Write me back if you have problems recompiling the kernel.
drumset102499Author Commented:
I haven't tried this yet......... but thanks................what is the  module filename for the gravis gamepad?
The module is called joy-gravis.o
If you are using insmod, then you need to type
      insmod joy-gravis.o
You will have to be root to do this...and there may be some dependencies that are unsatisfied. I believe that if you
      insmod joystick.o
first, then you may satisfy the dependencies. Also, if you can't find the insmod command, it is in your //sbin directory.
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