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How can I make a form, that is only created when I want to display it.  I only want this so that when I password protect a program, another program cannot find the window, and send some message to it to activate.  Then, when I close it, it is destroyed again.

P.S I have D3
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Try this:
select from menu Project\Options
select Forms page
move your form from auto-create forms list to available forms list.
Now your form will not created at startup.
When you want to use your form you can write:
  with TPasswordForm.Create(Application) do // create it by request
    ShowModal; // show your form
    Free; // and after all free it


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you can also get input from a user by using the InputQuery() api like so:

   b:= InputQuery('Password',
      'please enter your password...', s);

   if b
     then begin
   ShowMessage('entered ,'+s);
   if s = 'the correct password' then
 //let them in
 else if s <> 'the correct password' then
 //dont let them in (a close maybe)

    else ShowMessage('cancel button clicked...');

thats untested code but gives the idea ..
Regards Barry
Usually when user enters password it is  protected by '*' char.
Unfortantly InputQuery cannot hide user input with '*' :)
bogieman_Author Commented:
Cheers, worked like a dream - well not a dream but...quite well.  Yeah, that'll do - "It worked quite well"
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