Ordinal not found in MFC42.DLL

I get the message "The ordinal 6905 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42.DLL" when I run a proprietary home shopping program. The program has previously worked perfectly prior to problems I had installing NT4.0 SP5. These problems required me to re-install NT4.0 workstation, Outlook98, IE5 and finally NT4.0 SP5 again. I have also re-installed Office97 and Visual Studio.

Basically everything now works except this program. I have tried re-installing the program with no joy.

I would be grateful if someone could explain exactly what the error means and how best to overcome it.

NB Bonus points if anyone can explain the sequence/theory (if any) behind the order of applying service patches (especially where there is 'overlap' such as between NT4.0/Outlook98/IE5/SP5 etc. Thanks.

Steve Teague

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Well, as a comment I can tell you that the error is simply saying that the program cannot find a function in the DLL (normally because the DLL is of a version that the program cannot understand).

Could try uninstalling your program in question.  Then re-install and choose to overwrite the MFC42.DLL.

Bottom line is DLL Hell is a persistent problem that does not improve until you go to a full 2000 (NT + Office + apps etc) installation.
steagueAuthor Commented:
Thanks for tips. Not quite sure what you mean by "..choose to overwrite the MFC42.DLL". How do I do that? Also, I have uninstalled/re-installed the program numerous times now. It always installs without problem - just does'nt run!! I presume at some point, in putting my system back together I've done something out of sequence, and now have an inconsistancy. Unfortunately I don't know what or where.  

Basically I installed (in order) :

    NT 4.0 Workstation
    NT SP3 (needed for Outlook98)
    NT SP5
    Office 97
    Visual Studio
     .. and lastly the problem program
I would suggest installing in the order of :

NT 4.0 Workstation
Office 97
and then after making a copy of the MFC42.DLL I would then install visual Studio.
Then the Home Shopping software, the file MFC42.DLL is a file that Visual Studio needs and is overwriting it in your WINNT/SYSTEM32 directory.  You may need to copy the old MFC42.DLL into the same directory as your Home Shopping software and then make that directory part of your environment path.
Office97 will replace mfc42.dll with an older version then what is in SP5.

ALWAYS install SP once again as the last step of any install chain.

The program might also be porly written, and not work unless a specific build of a specific .dll is in place (rare, but it happens) in which case you are pretty much SOL.

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