Identify Pncrt.dll

I recently replaced a .dll file on a Win98 machine with one that I found in a Win95 machine and instead of getting the Windows loading error: "Can't find...", now I get "File corrupt..." so I've taken one from a Win 98 machine and will try that.

Any ideas on what that file is and wherre it comes from?

My 2nd question is: Is there a nice database for finding WHERE files come from?  

A recent Winmag newsletter provided a URL for a great database of extension definitions that everyone should have: 

Now, is there a similar one for files generally, which would allow one to identify the application associated with any given file?

Bonus 50Pts to concise response addressing both issues effectively.

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:

"Identify Pncrt.dll"

This is one of the supporting file of Progressive Networks for program RealPlayer ver 4.01

This is a file in

You can either extract it by window explorer pointing to the path of your Win98cdrom, Win98\

Or in control panel, Add/remove program to reinstall the Real Player 4.0. It will reinstall all associated files.

For identify files for win98, you can install the Win98 resource kit.     Win98CDrom\tools\reskit\setup.exe

After installation, at the resource kit, Tools management console, Diagnostics, Microsoft File information.

hope it can be in assistance.      pslh

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gmp010699Author Commented:

Thanks for the quick response.  I'll try to work with your suggestion and see what I come up with.

I know about the Win98 Resource Kit but I am looking for a complete database for similar to the one I mentioned in the question.  Please take a look at that one and let me know if this rings any bells.  
gmp010699Author Commented:
Most of the machine's that I administer to are Win95
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Try checking out this://

TITLE:Err Msg: A Required .DLL File, PNCRT.DLL, Was Not Found

If not simply re-extract the file by doing this from a command prompt://

extract /a X:\win95\ pncrt.dll /l c:\windows\system (where X: is your cd rom drive letter),

or if you are using win98, you can click on start>run>SFC> choose extract one file, and type in pncrt.dll, extract from is X:\win98, save in is c:\windows\system
To find out if it is a windows file, you can type in the name of the file  on MS KnowledgeBase page  .. if it is on the win95/98 cd .. it will show WHERE on the cab file it is located .. the MS page is here ://
gmp010699Author Commented:
Yes, I got a chance to review the MS article that you referenced.  Thanks for that.

Am also interested in your extract info and will try that.
gmp010699Author Commented:
Thanks for that, it worked! Now on the file name database; Got any ideas?
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
gmp, you may try to have a look for the Msdn library for window 95 database and/or install the resource kit of window95.

gmp010699Author Commented:
Thanks pslh, I'll surely use this resource!

But I'm looking for a generic listing of all files.  Millions!
gmp010699Author Commented:
Any more comments?
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