Connect Delphi5 app to Sql Server 7

I have Delphi 5 enterprise and would like to know if it is possible to write a app that connects to sql server 7 that doesn't require the enduser to purchase a sql license to connect to the database.  If so, how (dsn,bde...)?
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hi jfreisen,

i don't think that this is possible,
because sql-licenses are independent from
any app which will use the sql-server.

your client must have a sql-server and the amount of client-access-licences which will connect at one time.

it doesn't matter which app use these access-licenses.

Actually the comment posted is right and wrong.  Right - every client must have a sql-server and the amount of client-access-licenses which will connect at one time.  Wrong - actually there is a way :)

It's the new trend in application delivery - host it on your server, and "rent" your application.  This trend is becoming very popular since your client does not need to invest in tools that make your application shine.  They use your service - via network protocols, where it is just your application - and possibly others that need individual client licenses.  Works very well (depending on what the application is used for), and keeps clients happy, and best of all keeps you collecting all the potential revenue  that could have been lost with piracy.

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jfreisenAuthor Commented:
Can you supply any more information on how this is done? The client is ok to buy the sql server on there site but I need to know if I can get around the enduser licenses.
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yup, inform me too ;-)
Jfreisen, unfortunately this is a decision that needs to be made before your application is designed.  It sounds as if you have planned/began work on the software.  Basically the architechture for a served application would be a fat server with typically a browser front-end.  You would have the server processes communicating with the SQL server database.  And because you are hosting your application, the only SQL licenses that you would need is on your machine.  Configuration is this:
   |        |

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I don't hink this is correct if you read the M$ EULA. Appservers are
specifically noted in this doc.

Using an appserver component does not get around the client license req.
You can try using MSDE. It provides all the features of SQl Sever.and freely distributable.

check it out at

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