memory test failed

when I start my computer i get the message "memory test failed"
I already put one of the sdrams in another bank but still the same message.
What more can I do ?
Is something wrong with wit my chaintec btm6 board + intel 440bx chipset?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The message is self explanatory, you have a memory failure.

Many things can cause this but the most common is bad connection between the DIMM module and the motherboard.  Remove the DIMMS and inspect the connectors and the card edges for debris or contamination.  If they look good, replace them one at a time and test the computer.  If one works and the other doesn't, then you have located your problem.

If both work alone, put them both in and test.  If you get a failure, check your BIOS CMOS settings.  You may have a bad setup.  It's also possible that a bit line has failed on your motherboard or one of the controller chips.  This is harder to test but if you can verify the memory in another system, that might point to a bad motherboard.

You aren't overclocking the memory are you?  If you are running PC66 RAM at 75, 83, 95, or 100 MHz, you could be seeing these types of problems.  Make sure you are running at the rated speed.
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