I have a linux M/c which is getting its ipaddress from another dhcp can I use my m/c as a nis server if yes how can  i do it can somebody let me know about it.
One more thing is how can i log in as root thro telnet.It does not allow me to log on as root.
Somebody had given me the answer but i forgot about it about deleting a file.Can anybody help me with that please.
How can I grant certain executable files to user to execute like superuser commands of shutdown,ifconfig etc.
please let me know
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freelonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're asking three questions!  In the future it would be best if you post a separate question for each one, so you can get the best answer for each one.

Root login via telnet is always disabled by default due to security.  telnet in as another user then run "su" to become root.  Imagine this: if anyone could telnet in to your machine as root, all they need to do is guess the password, and your service is compromised.

dhcp-addressed machines aren't very effective servers, because it is important for every other machine to always know how to reach the server - i.e. through a non-changing, static ip address.

Use the "sudo" program to grant partial access to root commands.  Go to and search for "sudo".  It is easy to set up and configure, and its very popular.
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