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screen and prompt

When using screen-3.7.6-1 (RH6.1) i just get a > prompt. How do i set it up to display a "normal" "[j2@animal ~]$ " prompt?
1 Solution
Try linuxconf or is setup (not sure with Red_Hat. There should be section on accounts. You'll have to scroll up and down, should be fairly self intuiative and put in name details in hostname. Then find users and put in your name or tag details in there
j2Author Commented:
Read the question again please. it WORKS as long as i dont use screen.
Run ut like so:
screen <shell name>
where shell name is the name of your shell.
This forces screen to spawn a new shell and reloads your setup files.
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j2Author Commented:
Same result.
Do you have next line in your user's .cshrc (in case you are using csh/tcsh)
set prompt=\[`id -nu`@`hostname -s`\]\$\

or in case of BASH
PS1="[\u@\h \W]\\$ "
in your .bashrc

You're probably using bash, and that's what I've found in /etc/bashrc:
# For some unknown reason bash refuses to inherit
# PS1 in some circumstances that I can't figure out.
# Putting PS1 here ensures that it gets loaded every time.
PS1="[\u@\h \W]\\$ "

So, it seems like some known problem. Just put
it in your local .bashrc to be sure. Hope that helps.
j2Author Commented:
Nopw, i was using tcsh, and it was really a  *looks very ashamed* permissions problem on my chsrc. Thanks.

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