older game f-18 wont run

I have a slightly older game..f-18 hornet and the add on korea..the game installs, and it appears to run. I can select a mission but when the mission goes to start the image of a teletype machine comes up and prints out a msg saying unable to load mission??  Since the game loads and i get this far i cant figure out what can be wrong any ideas?  ( im running win 95 osr2)
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It might be to do with your graphics card. Perhaps you should try and find the web site of the makers of the game and see if they have a patch that you can download.
Go to http://www.graphsim.com and download the latest patches for F/A-18 Hornet and F/A-18 Hornet:  Korea and see if that helps.  They have fixed quite a bit of stuff through those, especially conflicts with 3dfx cards.

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the problem is with Direct X. F18  and F18 korea use parts of both Directx 2.0 and 3.0    IF u never had 2.0 installled on your system u will need to either find a game that has it ( like earthsiege for example)  or contact the customer support num,ber in your documation.  f18 MUST have 2 files from ver 2.0 and sometimes the ver that come with the korrea addon will
overwrute the file forcing u to actually install direct 3.0 THEN go back and reinstall 2.0 to get the file back.  This is very clunky... especially since we are now on ver 6.2.

the teletype machine is coming up with that emssage because u it is right before that that the game engine is coming into full use of the DX protocols and its not finding them hence the reason u get the message.....

anyold game with ver 2.0 will solve your prob...and if u have one u can install 2.0 manuelly by going to the dirext dir on the game cd, and choosing to reinstall ...u then will need to reinstall ( possibly) your current ver of dx but this new verions WILL not overwrite the files ad did ver 3.o from korea

good luck

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zertybxwAuthor Commented:
I actually have the old "earthsiege" from sierra and i used its Direct X  DIrectory to install the 2.0   The game now works!!!

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