Java Exe's and Difference between JDK1.1 & 1.2

Hi All,

I have finished writing a java program using JDK 1.2.2. We wouls now like to take this application and make it standalone. I heard that Visual Cafe was the only product to do this, so I email them and they told me that Visual Cafe 3.1 Pro. will convert JDK 1.1, and Visual Cafe 4.0 Expert/Enterprise will convert JDK 1.2. The difference in price is astounding... $300 and $800/$2700 respectively.

So  my questions:
- What is involved in transforming my application from JDK 1.2.2 to JDK 1.1?
- Does anyone have experience with Visual Cafe and making exe's? Did work well?
-Is there any other way (cheaper way) to make an exe??

Thanks in advance
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it depends on why you need an exe file.
Tell me because I could have a way you might like!!
  4. (Sect. 3) Can I compile a Java program to a binary executable, .exe on
     a PC?

     [*] Some companies make products that do this. See the webpages for
     Symantec, Supercede,
     and Tower Technology The first two are targeted to
     Windows. Tower Technology supports several flavors of Unix. Also, there
     is a native Java compiler from IBM, known as the HPJ (High Performance
     Java) compiler. One user has reported that it created a 2Mb executable
     from a 12K java file, and did not run any faster. If you want to create
     a native executable to make executable use and distribution easy,
     consider a Jar file instead.

     Compiling to native code takes away the most significant benefit of
     Java: portability of executables. Further, if you want your Java DLL
     (or .exe) to interact with C++, you'll have to specify which specific
     C++ compiler and/or actually compile some sort of linkage via the
     appropriate C++ compiler. Because C++ does not have a standard ABI
     there is a big problem with interoperability. Every C++ compiler uses a
     different object model, a different way of laying out class members,
     and a different way of "mangling" names for the linker.

     C is much simpler. The only question here is how structures are
     "packed" (i.e., are integers aligned on four-byte bounds?). All the C++
     compilers can interact with C code, thanks to 'extern "C"'

     Consider carefully why you want to compile to a native executable, and
     whether there is a Java way to accomplish your goal. There may be a
     good reason for compiling to native code, but it needs to be thought
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jexegen and VJ makes pseudo .exe
its like .bat file:
jview Main

DBH21Author Commented:
The reason I want to make a standalone exe is so that the end user does not have to install the JRE, additional class files not included in the JRE, and my program. I want a simple solution. Most people won't have the JRE on their computer, and will have no other use for it. I want to dumb-this process down by as much as possible... but I'm sure any level of dumbness won't be dumbed down enough.
I would also l;ike to know how to run java apps without jre on someone elses computer!!
2.Is it possible to convert a class to native code which runs without
a java virtual machine. I ask this because this would incrase the performance of my application.

yes, there are a number of Java to C and C++ projects on the web, j2c comes to mind ( however current development in this area has stagnated with the development of newer JIT compilers.

also look to
TowerJ and IBM's Visual for Java Enterprise Edition


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