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I need to make a graph for my thesis. It must show when a certain patient has symptoms of a given disease, the number of certains cells at a given moment and the dosid of medication he takes. Is it possible to represent all these data on a single graph?
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rdfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the chart wizard which is on the toolbar near the end of the right side in excel 97. The wizard is easy, just follow the steps layed out for you.

 You have a variety of differenct graph formats available. For instance, using a column chart, in the spreadsheet you can insert a ROW before row 1, and put the patients names here, below A, B, C, etc,

 Still in the spreadsheet, insert a COLUMN before A column and in the cell corresponding to 1, put Symptoms, for the cell corresponding to 2, put in Number of Cells, and for 3, put in Dosage, or whatever you prefer. then fill in the pertinent information below each patients name beginning at A1.

 For instance, A1 would contain the first patients symptoms, B2 would contain the next patients symptoms, etc.  A3 would contain the first patents Dosage, ..... you get the gist of it im sure. Then bring up the chart wizard and it will make you a column chart with the height of the columns rrepresenting the symptoms, number of cells, and dosage.

good luck


BertieAuthor Commented:
En français: je dois représenter sur un graphique sur une période donnée, l'absence ou la présence des symptômes d'une maladie, le nombre de telles cellules dans le sang de mon patient et la dose de médicamant qu'il prend. Est-il possible de représenter ces données sur un seul graphe grâce à Excel, si oui, marche à suivre?
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